M-GO Movies + TV Customer Reviews:


Could be more competitive

In the platforms offered app could work better

Can't log out?!? Seriously??

Worst. App. Ever.


No 4K for Android TV??

4K streaming not available on Android TV?? Why block out a platform and not devices? My Shield TV can handle 4K like a champ on other streaming services but it's not even on option on this one? Also, if it's available for sales in 4K shouldn't it be available to rent that way too? Very confusing options.

This app sucks vudu way better

It takes took long to load a movie ..

Horrible App

Cannot utilize the T-Mobile Tuesday offer for a free movie rental. Please fix this application so we may redeem our codes properly.

Bad design

not able to switch my accounts or logout

Nothing worth watching and overpriced

This app has the worst selection of movies ever.

Sign-up is broken

Tried to make an account to claim my T-Mobile Tuesday free rental but it doesn't allow any password to be entered and gives an error saying it must fit certain parameters, even if it already does. Tried 20+ times with many different passwords.

Freaking won't play!!!

Too many errors. Definitely find another rental service

Very well done

Easy to navigate through.

I can't sign out on my Roku Tv.

It has my boyfriend profile on my tv and now I cannot log out to put my profile back on. I know its apart of the set up now. I can't even uninstall it either WTF ! How can I sign out ! We can't even watch the movies on his profile anyways bcuz it says it's registered to another device even tho he logged out on his phone and uninstalled it . please contact me !


Heard of this app, and tried Fandango because of T-Mobile Tuesday's, not only does the movie selection to be somewhat Limited but you can't even get a free movie because it keeps trying to charge you an additional delay even though you have a free movie code from T-Mobile, it just sucks completely.

Does not work

Broken app. listen to all the reviews. Tried several times to get movies to work then quit out of pure frustration


Easy to use


Sharmaine S from customer support responded to my complaint with a single dot. Real professional their FandangoNOW!!

FandangoNow is very expensive for an ok service. They need to bring the HD video prices down and get console, disk player, and TV app support. I tried both the HD and SD verisions from them, the service does not seem close to vudu. Network jitter comes up. The lack of device support makes this an ahh its ok, but I there are better services out there.

Really pissed

I have tried to write a review 5 times now. I can't watch what I paid for or got for free. I have the best 4g lte and the best WiFi money can pay for. This is stupid

Not free.

U either have to buy or rent not one of those movies are free liars

Streaming quality is abysmal

This app has horrible streaming quality, no matter what device or connection. We are connected to 45mbs down wifi at home and the quality of streaming will go between ok and bad. This is only exasperated by casting to a Chromecast. I don't think the developers tested any compatibility between Chromecast and their app. Hopefully they will resolve this. They have a decent UI with a good selection of movies, but for a video streaming app they miss the main mark of good streaming quality.

Playback error 0

Purchased a movie and when I try to play a error message pops up saying android.media.mediadrm $drmmediastatexception: failed. Not happy right now

Sign out?

Is there anyway to sign out of an account on this app? Can't find it anywhere ...I want to sign in a family members acct. So they can use my mobile device as their tablet is too slow .

Works perfectly

But beware. If you download a rental, it immediately goes from a 30 day availability to a 2 day availability even if you don't start watching it right away. Works flawlessly with Chromecast. SD download took 15 minutes or less using home WiFi.

It's ok

I can't tell if I am logged in or not. You should make it more clear when someone is logged in or not.

Sign out button!?

How the hell do you sign out of the app? My wife and I both have memberships but there's NO sign out button to log into another account which is plain stupid... Or is it just me?

The movies are still downloaded on my phone but the app won't recognize them to play, gonna have to delete all and start over again, very uncool, STILL KEEPS NOT SHOWING DOWNLOADS WTF. VUDU SOO MUCH BETTER


I can't log out!!

This app is big rip off! Not worth my money!

Don't know why you say free movies there's nothing free

Free movies every Tuesday, great selection!

It has every movie I've looked for, and I've never paid a dime. Thanks Tmobile!

Loses your place if you tap on a movie

Really annoying that it takes you back to the top of the list if you tap on a movie to view the trailer or read more. It should hold your place so that you can resume scrolling if you back out of that movie.

Good stuff

Works well. I like not having a lot of options because then the movie selection isnt overwhelming

Worst Video Streaming App

So downloaded this app thru Tmobile Tuesdays for a free video. I went through purchase and got Independence Day. Says it can stream error but I have unlimited data tried to download error as well. Emailed customer support 48 hours ago still no answer. I rarely write reviews for apps but do yourself a favor and download Vudu.

Joshua Clark

Good luck

Sucks. Stick with Vudu

Terrible app

Not good enough

Needs more improvement

Great app

I use it because every week t-mobile gives free movie rentals and it works like a charm

24 hours reply, NADA after a week.

Sure we know fandangoNOW is kind of new but hey fandango is been for quite sometime. A bit of effort from the company to go up wouldn't hurt their bank accounts but increased.

Cumbersome and not as good as competition

App looks and works ok, at best, but the lack of ability to log out (business decision according to customer service) AND key features and menus only being accessible on computers/full website make this a poor alternative to ALL other competitors

Wont let me create an account.

Says 8 or more characters with symbol and number as the pw but doesnt accept ?, -, _, or other symbols apparently. My password also has numbers, capitalized letters, 8 characters, 12 characters, etc all dont work. Deleting forever.